At some point or other, we all learn that all important lesson – accidents happen. Even when you’re the safest driver on the road other drivers that aren’t being safe can get you. The weather can get the better of any driver at times. When something goes wrong and you’re involved in an accident. It’s important to know what to do and who to call to get yourself out of trouble. The most important thing is to get you out of harm’s way and make sure no one is in danger. Then organize help to clear up your vehicle and any mess that has been made.


Even in low-speed collisions or accidents, it can still be really difficult to recover the vehicles involved in the accident. If you’ve been driving around windy roads and hit an oil slick or something that has caused you to go over the side. Recovering the vehicle can be a big task, and dangerous for inexperienced technicians. Our team has the equipment, training, and experience to retrieve vehicles in the most difficult to reach places. Being careful not to cause any more damage and create a safety hazard. In some cases, there is an opportunity to repair the wrecked vehicle. So being careful with the vehicle to make sure there’s no more damage done is important.


Your vehicle is filled with all kinds of fluids that can be dangerous when spilled on the road. The fuel can be flammable and dangerous when it leaks out of your car and oil spills can cause the road to be slippery and do a lot of damage to the environment. Getting out of dangers way and removing any safety threats is extremely important. When we come to the site of an accident we do everything in our power to prevent any further safety concerns, removing vehicles that are damaged and helping to keep everyone away from the danger.


After a vehicle accident, the best thing is to have your vehicle towed. Even if you think it may still be drivable it’s always better to have it inspected by a qualified mechanic to see what damage has been done and to check that it’s safe to be on the road. We can help pick up your vehicle and take it too you’re trusted mechanic. If it needs to be inspected, or help take it to a wrecker if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair. We can help advise you on the best way to contact your insurance too, making sure that no steps are skipped so your claim goes through.

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