At least once in our lives, we’ve all heard that horrible rattling noise of our car running out of fuel and cursing the fact that we ignored the low fuel light for so long. When you hear that familiar noise instantly you start wondering how far away the gas station is to go top-up, and more often than not it isn’t a close walk to get help. Having to hike to get fuel is a pain and can be dangerous at times, a much better option is to give us a call to come out and deliver some fuel to your car, getting it back on the road again.

Fuel Types

The fuel that your car uses to drive makes a big difference when you break down, each one requiring different attention to get you back up and running. It can seem like the obvious solution is to pop some fuel back in and you’re on your way, but depending on your vehicle that may not be the case. If you drive a gas engine, you’re in luck as it’s as simple and easy as topping up the fuel again and heading off to the closest gas station to get a full refill. With Diesel, however, the fuel needs to be manually primed back into the engine once it has been drained, as diesel engines run off a high amount of pressure.

Emergency Delivery

We understand that any time you break down on the side of the road it can be an emergency to get you back up and running when you’re stranded in your vehicle miles from where you need to be you can start to feel very isolated and concerned. At Nash Towing, we have a team of drivers that are ready at any moment to head to you with that emergency fuel to get you back on the road, the sooner we are there and you are up and running the better for you and for us, so we can get out to help more people!

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